Homabay underage bodaboda riders warned

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Homabay underage bodaboda riders warned

By Francis Kaivilu

School going children in Karachuonyo West in Homabay County have been warned against riding motorbikes as they put their lives and those of their passengers at risk.

Speaking exclusively to Sharptip News, George Otieno Atik, the Kodula Motorbike and Multipurpose chairman in Karachuonyo West in Homabay county, said the young people had no experience and required documentation for to to operate the motor vehicles.

Atik popularly known by the residents as Obor Atik, has warned the boda boda owners and operators around the country not to give the school children the motorbikes.

He further urged the locals and bodaboda riders across the county to be watchful and report such matters to the police immediately.

“I will arrest any of such pupils and students  cycling motorbikes or ferrying customers from one destination to another and present them to the police,” Atik told Sharptip News.

Atik also asked both the county government of Homabay and the national government to make sure that all the roads within the county are in good condition, stating that potholes on some of the roads contributed to road accidents.

A a spot check by Sharptip News revealed that some primary and secondary school learners engage in bodaboda business during school holidays.

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