COMBATING COVID-19: DP William Ruto urges Kenyans to adhere to health guidelines by Health ministry

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By Francis Kaivilu

09 April, 2020

Deputy president Dr. William Ruto has urged Kenyans to follow the given guidelines by  experts from the ministry of Health on Covid-19 as a way of fighting the Coronavirus.

During a press briefing at Karen Thursday morning, Ruto has said that the set guidelines like washing hands regularly with clean running water and soap, sanitizing and maintaining social distance, may appear simple but can save the country from the pandemic.

He has urged Kenyans to protect themselves pointing that it is everybody’s responsibility to fight the virus.

During the brief, Ruto has requested employers to allow their employees to work on shifts as a way of intensifying the war against the invisible health enemy.
He also has urged employees who are not providing essential services to stay at home.

The country’s second in command has said that the ministry of Health is working in collaboration with the ministry of Education to identify boarding schools within the counties which can be used as isolation centres for Covid-19 patients in future in case the pandemic cases shoot.

Ruto has added that the national government in harmony with the county governments have set health equipment in health facilities to serve such patients.

He however, has clarified that he has been consulting with the President and various stakeholders regularly on the pandemic though mainly via a video link.

He has said that Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) will in future be providing Covid-19 testing kits.

The deputy president has challenged farmers countrywide saying that they have  a good time for food production urging them to take advantage of the rainy season.

Eventually, he has humbly requested Christians to pray for the country during this tough moment.


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