Covid-19: Stay at home during Easter weekend, Health Cs Mutahi Kagwe

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09 April, 2020

Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe has urged Kenyans to remain indoors during this Ester holiday and not to go out partying as it has been in the past years to combat coronavirus.

During a Covid-19 daily press brief, Kagwe has lauded Kenyans saying that they have increasingly observed the set health guidelines by the ministry of Health like washing hands with clean running water and soap, sanitizing and keeping social distance.

Nevertheless, the Health Cs has notably said that despite the obedient Kenyans there are lawbreakers pointing fingers at Bodaboda operators. Kagwe has warned that any Bodaboda operator who will be arrested breaking the set laws concerning movement restriction, their motorcycles will be withheld by the police and that the latter will face the law.

Kagwe has confirmed 5 more cases of the Coronavirus in Kenya for the last 24 hours after the ministry of Health tested 308 people bringing the total number of confirmed cases in the country to 184. 3 of the 5 are Kenyans and 2 are foreign nationals.
Kagwe has confirmed that 3 of them had travel history with 1 having travelled to Tanzania while the other 2, 1 to UK and the other 1 to United Arabs Emirates.
These 5 come from these counties:
• Nairobi – 3
• Mombasa – 2

He’s said that only one came from the mandatory quarantine.
The five are aged between 39-77 years.
3 of them are males while the other 2 are females.
The age bracket for all 184 Covid-19 patients in Kenya is as follows:
• 15 years and below – 3
• 15 -29 years – 49
• 30-59 years – 119
• 60 yrs and above – 13

Out of the 184 patients 107 are males and 77 are females.

Kagwe has confirmed that the 5 have been taken to isolation centres and contact tracing has began.

Additional 4 patients have been discharged from isolation centres after they tested negative with 1 Covid-19 patient succumbing to the pandemic.

Trademark and Hill Park quarantine centres have been closed by the government with Mutahi Kagwe urging Kenyans not to stigmatize those released from the two centres .

He has emphasised on the need to wear facemasks saying that it is for the good of Kenyans.

Kagwe has warned that danger still remains due to those who are not abserving the set measures. He has again pointed that some Bodaboda operators are not adhering to the one passenger directive.

The Health Cs has urged Kenyans to maintain high levels of hygiene.
“We can’t afford to drop the ball at this time,” Mutahi Kagwe said.

He has added that despite ‘juakali’ , salon and barber shops operators and ‘mama mboga’ playing a big role in the country’s economy, they could be at the highest possibility of transmitting the Coronavirus. Kagwe has directed them to fumigate their business places, wear facemasks alongside keeping social distance between them and their clients.

The Health docket boss has urged all “mama mbogas” to assume that every client they are to serve has tested positive for Covid-19 and be vigilant enough while serving them.

In his brief, he has hailed all volunteers, health and medical staff, researchers and cooperates for sensitizing the public on the virus.

Kagwe has urged each Kenyan to remain vigilant and be their brother’s keeper.

He has lauded the County government of Kitui through Kitui County Textile Centre(KICOTEC) for producing a large number of facemasks daily to help Kenyans fight the pandemic. In total, KICOTEC produces 30,000 facemasks per day with Kagwe urging institutions, companies and organizations to order for masks from the the Kitui county’s factory.

He has appreciated the media for a clarion call to fight the pandemic.




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