Covid-19: Kenya hits 607 as kenyans are advised to adhere to set measures

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7th May, 2020

Kenya has confirmed 25 more cases after 632 samples were tested since yesterday, raising the total number of confirmed cases to 607.

Out of the number recorded today 22 are Kenyans, one Ugandan, Tanzanian and Chinese nationals respectively. 17 are from Nairobi 2 from Kajiado, Wajir(2) Migori, Isiolo, Mombasa and Nakuru with 1 Case each.

Speaking at Afya House, Chief Administrative Secretary For Health Dr Rashid Aman, called upon Kenyans to adhere to the set measures.

“If you happen to be infected and you move out of the restricted areas, then you will transfer the disease to that area. I want to address my fellow Muslim brothers who are the most affected by the restrictions, to look at it in the context of the pandemic in that hard times are the best times “, Said Aman.

He quoted the Qoran by saying” If you see a land invaded by plague you don’t  enter it and if you are in a land and its invaded by a plague you don’t leave it. “This was to meant that those in  restricted should not leave or allow others enter it.

This is after it was reported that yesterday a number of people were seen moving out of Eastleigh and Old Town areas which were put under cessation.

The CAS reiterated on the fact that the government had put the measures it was not to punish anyone but help in management of the virus and it is everyone’s responsibility to adhere to them.

The state will also be evacuating those who had travelled to India for treatment and are expected to arrive in the country today evening. These people are advised to quarantine themselves in their homes under their doctors’ supervision.

18 counties are now affected by the virus after Isiolo County today recorded one case. Seven patients were discharged while three succumbed to the disease. This brings the number to 197 and 29 for the recoveries and deaths respectively. 

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